Amika Sourcing Inc. specializes in identifying and analyzing of business initiatives in the .international arena, based on the specific skills relating to the countries in which we operate in

Amika performs her activities based on advanced processes of trade, foreign investment, capital flows, and technological principles in recruitment and migration from the developed countries in which we operate in, in order to operate in an underdeveloped countries, based on economic values

In order to succeed in our aim, and achieve sustainable global business development achievements, we specialize in finding ways to adapt to diverse cultures and societies in which we operate and do business with.

West African countries economical growth together with geopolitical changes, the development of educational progressing system and increasing demand of emerging middle class, provides a great infrastructure of business cooperation opportunities.

Countries in which we operate in and where we created sub-specialties are: China / Hong Kong, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Angola, Zambia, Ghana and Israel.

International business development and global strategy management industry penetrating new markets by adapting innovative products and services for businesses, organizations and government agencies, utilizing the comparative advantage "Amika" can offer, to the emerging markets together with presence and experience acquired and an extensive networking system in the countries we operates in.

Amika engaged in international business development, in response to the demands of entrepreneurs in wide range of services and expertise as raw materials and the supply of finished goods, from the world biggest fty's in South East Asia

At the Era of the "global village" where business competition in all industry sectors have become sophisticated, market prices are determined in macro terms, Companies must constantly reinvent themselves while expanding international markets based activities.

At this age, the basis terms for business success and survival lay in the ability to generate new business opportunities, while striving to increase operational efficiency, cost savings and creating new revenue mechanisms

Amika specializes in developing international business in the detection and analysis of business opportunities in manufacturing, infrastructure and supplies.

Company's core activity is engaged in international business opportunity development to the agricultural industry, initiating projects in telecommunications and infrastructure in Central and West Africa.

Companies head quarter located in ISRAEL, while operates branches on a need basis throughout the south East Asia and Africa,

Amika established and operating since 2004